Sunday, July 12, 2009

Does a woman's rejection turn a guy into a ferocious womanizer???

This is actually a tag line of a movie called Just Friends!! When I was just scanning the television I came across this movie, whose plot summary was the above line. I sought of related this to flirts. So I apparently ended up with this question. Why do people flirt? Outwardly speaking the answer might be “Dude!! It’s just for fun.’’ But is that why people really flirt? When a guy is turned down by a girl, it would indubitably hurt his ego. So would the case be with the girls when her love isn’t acknowledged by her guy. The rejection might in few cases lower their self esteem. In order to defend their self esteem they might flirt excessively with the opposite gender. Sometimes they flirt with any random person so that they could get back with their ex(sometimes d jealous factor works too). There are people who flirt just for being friends with someone. Even when the people of the opposite gender don’t flirt back, they still flirt hoping to be at least friends with them. Most of us have pre conceived notions that when a guy or a girl is over friendly to us from the word go, we tend to doubt their genuine intentions. So flirting is when a person is just fooling around with no serious intentions of getting committed. What really makes people to fall for flirts? It’s their cheesy sweet talks, the act of flattery and the way they pay attention even to the smallest details. I don’t understand why people get eager to have their most basic behaviours confirmed to them!! There would be dozen of flirts, but what really works is how well they impress the opposite gender. So they end up saying things which they eventually don’t mean. Any prudent person would know to differentiate between genuine comments & otherwise. So what’s the demarcation between flirting and harassing? To keep it simple, when the flirtatious comments are disturbing, there harassing begins. So as far as the flirts do not enter your private space, it’s all fine!! Once you are uncomfortable, never hesitate to say no to them!! But in few rare cases, over a period of time, you find that the so called flirts actually become your good friends!! Life’s like that!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


This season of the year would be the perfect time to write this blog! I’m going to write about being committed!! Before you draw any conclusion, the commitment I mean here is in terms of love (or) so called love!! Hmmm well I’m going to narrow down the topic to youngsters (below 22). I asked few of my friends if they get committed to any girl or a guy, what would the reason be? One babe said “I think I won’t get committed at least for sometime now. Even if I get committed it might be just for fun”. When I asked her why she quickly added “I think being committed to someone at this age is way too dramatic because you feel restrained on all grounds...You feel there’s some kind of a thing that stops you from being what you want to be”. Her point is agreeable because once you get committed slowly possessiveness creeps in! It’s not wrong to be possessive in a relationship but then when both are too young it becomes difficult to handle. The mind set & attitude of a matured relationship cannot be expected in these commitments made at a very young age! Hmmm I personally feel the word commitment itself is too high for such a relationship. May be they could say they are dating each other! It could be called a commitment, when they are sure in all probabilities that the relationship would end in wedlock! Now the moment I mentioned dating there might be few raised eye brows!! The word dating is most times presumed wrongly. Dating is more like socializing with a guy or a girl, about whom you want to know more!! To date someone till you are sure that you both have high compatibility & then getting committed is entirely different!! But most guys & girls get committed or they call it so, when they have hardly known each other!! I have come across people who are committed just for the heck of it!! How many of it would end up in wedlock? When I asked few of my friends about it, they said, they weren’t sure if they would end up marrying the same person!! They only hoped so!! Hmmm hoping is not everything!! Most of them aren’t sure why they are committed! Few get committed out of desperation!! Few because most of their friends are committed!! Few out of curiosity, few because of their mushy nature, few just at the sway of the moment!! When it comes to the constancy of such relationships it’s unreliable!! People justify their so called commitments naming them as eternal, heartwarming, blissful & ….. It goes on!! Whatever it is, everyone deserves to live their life, the way they want it to be!! But a well lived life is a life without regrets!! Whatever relationship you are in, see to that you have no regrets about it at any time in your life!! After all nothing in this world is worth your happiness & the feeling of gratification & gladness of a life well lived!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I would be busy coping with my college studies & projects if not for the astounding announcement of the state government to shut down the colleges across the state indefinitely.The reason cited was due to the catastrophe of civil war in Sri Lanka.The civil war was an ongoing ado from early 70's.So what's with it now?Well,innocent civilians are being killed.To be more precise the Tamils of Sri lanka are being killed by the Lankan army.Many groups are protesting here & across the globe against the Lankan government.Few political parties are asking the Indian government to pressurize the Lankan government to stop waging the war.Would it be politically ethical for a country like India to intervene in the internal sovereignity of a country by puissance.Hmmm when ever a war is on civilians of the respective countries die.That's a world phenomenon.The war is between Lankan govt & the LTTE.There has been loss of life on both the sides.I'm not shielding the Lankan govt,but loss of life of the civilians during war is absolutely inevitable.LTTE's ultimatum is for the self determination of Tamil Eelam.I agree to the fact that the Tamils of Lanka were ill treated for many years,which resulted in the formation of such a militant organization.But would any nation agree to forgo a part of their soil just because the demands of the militant organisation could be justified to a certain extent on the the grounds of inequality suffered by them?In all senses it would be a big NO.What was the Indian government's stand when there was an upsurge for a Dravidanad?Any separatist movement was considered ill legal.Lashkar-e-toiba is fighting for separating Kashmir from India,could we just give it to them?LeT is a terrorist organisation.LTTE has not much difference.Right to life is the same for every human being.What about the Aranthalawa Massacre,Anuradhapura massacre & Dehiwala train bombing?Many innocent civilians of Sri Lanka died.It was done by the LTTE just to prove a point for their cause.Thirty plus years of war in a country.The continuing insecurity for the very existence of life itself.What's the future of the people?Fighting a war for peace & equality is like .....(hope u get it).The best for the country & the people would be to live in harmony,to be unified as a single state under one government which not treats the citizens as Lankans & Tamils but as the citizens of the Sri Lankan Republic as such.For such a new dawning it is indeed necessary to uproot any militant organisation which causes impediment for the same.I guess the day is not far when the people of Sri Lanka will have a new genesis of life,liberty & pursuit of happiness.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

How safe is INDIA?

After Bangalore & Ahmedabad,13 September was Delhi's turn to suffer from terrorist attacks.Five explosions within the span of 22 minutes rocked the city.Well that was not the end of it all.Three bombs were found and one was at India Gate,right next to Rashtrapathi Bhavan and Indian parliament.How ironical?it is.What is the reason behind increasing number of such atrocious terrorist attacks in our country in the recent years?Our Home minister Shivraj Patil says stringent punishment would be given to those responsible for it.But i wonder whether we have such stringent laws!!!Under Article 355 of the Indian Constitution,its the duty of the Union to protect States against external aggression and internal disturbance.Furthermore, the bedrock on which the edifice of any criminal justice system rests lies in the protection of the rights of the innocent and thereby punishing the guilty.In my opinion there are not many stringent laws to curb the terrorist activities.The Unlawful Activities Prevention Act 1967(UAPA) and Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Prevention Act 1987 (TADA) are the two acts that deals with Anti-terrorism in our country.But i feel they have become outdated,Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA) was an anti-terrorism legislation enacted by our parliament in 2002,it was indeed effective to an large extent.Unfortunately it was repealed by UPA in 2004.I still don't understand why our government has become soft on terrorists.Recently our railway minister Lallu ji was against banning SIMI.I still wonder was it one of his usual jokes?Now Indian Mujahideen has taken responsibility for the Delhi Blasts(It is suspected that SIMI is now operating under this mane).M.K.Narayanan,NSA said he already warned the centre about further attacks in many states.If that is the case what has the government done after his report?What are they concerned about when many innocents life is at stake?The forth coming polls?When the whole nation is witnessing brutal terrorist activities why is the government still hesitant to approve Gujarat's Anti-terror law?Why is all politicians playing the blame game over such attacks?I feel,on terrorism,the country's voice should be united,especially the stand of all politicians irrespective of their ideologies.Most of these terrorist acts are done in the holy name of ALLAH and ISLAM,defaming the God and the Religion,because of few weeds the entire community is looked by other community people as breeders of terrorism.It'll take ages to shed out such image.How pathetic!!!Till the government understands the real gravity of the situation,its up to we the citizens of India to act vigilantly.Lets hope this face of terror would soon be curbed.Finally I'm not in favour of any government.I'm against terrorism.I'm diplomatic in my views when it comes to politics & politicians.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today I thought would be yet another usual weekday,but it was not rain made it special to me.Well rain as such is always special to me.The sky was gloomy in the evening.I expected a mild shower.OMG!!!it turned out to be a heavy showers with thundering & lightening.Don't loose your patience thinking its common phenomena when it rains.I know it too.When I just started to enjoy the showers there came the spoiler,POWER CUT:(...I made myself comfortable in the balcony,sitting quietly & enjoying the weather.My mom then made an entry into this scene.She sat near me.We didn't start a conversation for quite sometime,not that we had nothing to speak of,but we were in our own world.I suddenly broke the silence asking my mom,''What rain reminds you of?''.I expected her to speak about her childhood days & memories of rain which she cherished.Instead she spoke about my brother's & mine.She told me that I was never afraid of thunder or lightening as a kid.I was bit surprised to hear that,because now I'm indeed afraid of them:)She went on sharing all such sweets memories about my brother & me.Later my brother also joined us,his royal highness taking a break off from his busy messaging & calls :p.I thought my brother would have little memories about my childhood days.Well I was wronged by him.He had much to say about me.Somewhere in my heart I thought I was a child once again.I then rested on my mother's lap,my mom gave me a loving pat.I couldn't explain my happiness in words.We spoke & spoke & spoke....WOW!!!It was such a beautiful & heart warming feeling.Slowly the heavy rains became drizzles.I asked my mom ''How nice it would be if we could travel back in time & re-live those precious moments again?''.She told always cherish happy memories in your heart & give your best at the each passing moment,after all entire life is just full of little moments as these.While I was thinking about what she just told me,the power supply was back.Now strangely I wasn't too glad about it.How would I?The three of us just made a move,back to our usual works.I would always cherish this moment,which was all ours.Of course life is full of such little sweet & inspiring moments isn't it?

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Cheers,Hurray,Awesome,Amazing.... I can add more adjectives describing Abhinav Bindra's splendid win at the Beijing Olympics.Hey i can read your mind.I'm perhaps the last one to praise him on blog,blame it on my laziness.The entire nation was rejoicing about his victory including me for a few hours,but when I pondered about it,I was really saddened.We are a nation with a billion plus population,second only to China.All that we could manage till now is a single gold.India's current rank is 31,while China is topping the medal tally till now.Why is this condition?I salute Abhinav's victory.But speaking frankly who sponsored him?It was his family.Not every deserving sports person's family would be able to do it.Now its raining money for Abhinav,ofcourse he right royally deserves it.Why can't our government set up a sports federation like one in Australia,where a talented sports person is fully taken care of till he is accomplished in his field.It is really possible to do it,if only our politicians take note of these things happening in the world of sports.Guess its high time to start one.Whether we have learnt the lessons from this?It is a million dollar question.Lets just wait and watch and hope for a better future for the sports personalities from this nation.

Friday, April 18, 2008


IPL....... The name says it all.well,this summer would be a big treat for all those cricket lovers in India.Surf any news channel you would either see the King Khan or Zinta with her cute dimple or business tycoon Vijay Mallaya or some celeb from the state endorsing their respective teams.Hmmm this has been too tiring & disheartening.There are other important issues to be focussed & discussed.This version of the game has got more to do with power,money & more money.If promoting good cricket was the intention then why should IPL be started & promoted like ICL's rival?Too much of money running on all these players.Unlike international cricket whether a player performs or not he would still smile his way back to the bank.If promotion of gentleman's game was the intention then why rope in international players & other big stars of Indian cricket who are already self accomplished in their own right.All these unnecessary hype by the media & big stars for all these years have sent many games in India to the grave & the recent one was our very own national game,hockey!Now IPL would be a final nail in the coffin 0f these games.We cant blame the players of other games if they don't perform well,because not many recognize their effort or hard fight.The saddest part is that when our cricketers are in deep pool of money,the other players find it difficult to even support their family.Whom should be blamed?I don't know.It's high time we people give at least quarter percent of our attention & support to other deserving games.Whether IPL would survive or not we should wait and watch,but surely those players & team owners would make a biggggggggggggggggggggggg profit out of it!!! Is cricket still a gentleman's game?!?!?! I WONDER!!!